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I am curious how other community colleges process diplomas and reach out to students who do not actually complete all of the needed requirements to receive their diploma.  Clarendon College holds commencement prior to finals so our students may or may not actually receive their diploma/certificate after the semester is actually over.  My specific questions are:

1.       How many people review the transcripts to verify the student is eligible to receive their diploma? 2 (myself and records assistant.)

2.      How long after the end of the semester are diploma’s mailed out to the students? We try to mail 3 weeks after for those who do not attend the ceremony.

3.      Do you mail letters or email the students if they are missing courses? Yes we notify them that they did not meet requirements and advise them to make appointment with advisor. If they are participating and fail/drop we do call those the day before commencement. Our grades are due for graduates the Wednesday prior to commencement.

4.      How many people review the transcripts of those students who are missing coursework prior to the letter or email being sent out. 2 (myself and records assistant.)

I am just wanting to compare our procedure with that of other institutions to make sure that we are handling the process in the best most efficient way possible.

You are welcome to email me your responses if you wish at brandi.havens at clarendoncollege.edu<mailto:brandi.havens at clarendoncollege.edu>.

Brandi Havens
Clarendon College
(806) 874-3571 ext 107
P.O. Box 968
Clarendon, TX 79226

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