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I am seeking information regarding what vendor/software TACRAO institutions are currently using for room scheduling.  The University of Houston currently uses Ad Astra for room scheduling, but this company just informed us they have elected not to pursue compatibility with Oracle 12.

As a result, we are looking into alternative scheduling possibilities as our institution will move to Oracle 12 sometime in 2016.  If your office handles classroom scheduling and uses a product that can support PeopleSoft/Oracle, I would love to know:

*         What vendor/product do you use?

*         How long have you used their product?

*         Is the vendor responsive to your needs and/or identified issues?

*         Do they allow room preferencing and/or offer an automated scheduling feature?

*         Does their product help you achieve the desired SUE scores with the Coordinating Board?

*         Are administrative reports provided?  If so, are you satisfied with them?

*         Is a history of room scheduling provided for each section (IE, all the rooms a section has been assigned over the course of a term, who made each update, and when)?

I appreciate any feedback you are willing to provide.  Thank you for your time in advance.


Truman Glenn

Truman Glenn,  Associate Registrar
Classroom Utilization and Management
Office of the University Registrar (OUR)
University of Houston
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Fax: 713-743-9050<tel:832-842-5786>
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