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Chris Gore CGore at kilgore.edu
Thu Sep 24 13:25:17 CDT 2015

At Kilgore College, students can see their tuition and fee fill as soon as they register for classes.  We are in the middle of a software conversion, so I assume they will be able to see the same going forward.

Chris Gore
Director of Admissions and Registrar
Kilgore College
1100 Broadway
Kilgore TX 75662

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Good Morning.  We are having discussions here and I was hoping to get some input from the experts.  A statement was made by one of our departmental managers that "MOST institutions will turn on the fee assessment process well after registration for a term has opened."

I am curious about the use of the word MOST.   My questions are?

Are your students able to see their tuition and fee bill as soon as they enroll?

If not, then how long after registration opens does your institution turn on the tuition assessment?

Thanks for your input and have a FUN day!



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