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The University of Texas at Arlington is in the process of opening a Prospective/Regional Office in the Greater Houston Area.  The Office of University Recruitment is currently looking to fill 4 of the 6 positions that will be housed in the Houston Area.  For more information, please visit the UT Arlington website or click on the position links below.  Initial review of applications begin the week of April 6th.

Associate Director - Undergraduate Recruitment<https://uta.service-now.com/jobs/recruiting_job_posting_detail.do?sysparm_document_key=u_recruiting_job_posting,14dfec386f26bd004811cd364b3ee480>
Provide leadership and guidance for the professional staff. Manage the day-to-day planning and operations for the Houston Regional Prospective Student Center. Responsible for the undergraduate and transfer recruitment efforts.

Admissions Counselor II - Undergraduate Recruitment<https://uta.service-now.com/jobs/recruiting_job_posting_detail.do?sysparm_document_key=u_recruiting_job_posting,324db3cc6fae7d004811cd364b3ee41f>
Provide guidance for prospective transfer students and their families on the admissions, financial aid and scholarship, and housing processes in the Greater Houston & Southeast Texas Area

Student Financial Aid Officer II - Undergraduate Recruitment<https://uta.service-now.com/jobs/recruiting_job_posting_detail.do?sysparm_document_key=u_recruiting_job_posting,31adbce86fa2bd004811cd364b3ee47c>
To assist students and families in navigating the financial aid and scholarship process. Manage the day-to-day planning and operations of all Houston Regional Office High Schools as it relates to Financial Aid and Scholarship outreach and education in the Greater Houston & Southeast Texas Areas.

Administrative Assistant I - Undergraduate Recruitment<https://uta.service-now.com/jobs/recruiting_job_posting_detail.do?sysparm_document_key=u_recruiting_job_posting,17474dac6fa2bd004811cd364b3ee416>
Provide administrative support to the Houston Prospective Student Center.

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