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DCCCD requires ALL transcripts and we bring in all freshman and sophomore college level credit for exactly the same reasons Pam mentions below.  There are probably more reasons, and when I think of them I will post them.  :)


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At Texas A&M - Commerce,  we require official copies from all institutions the student has previously attended.  There are several reasons why we require all transcripts but the primary one is that we only enter transfer work from the school attended.  So if we get a transcript from School A that might have all the other work on it, we will only enter work from School A.  Often times the transfer classes that are listed might not have the hours, the grades or might only show up as a generic transfer class so it is hard to give the student credit here.  Another consideration is Financial Aid.  Our Financial Aid office will not award aid if we have not received transcripts from each school that the student previously received aid.  Our last major reason is so we can tell if the student has earned previous degrees.  Just this summer, we have had two students who are transferring from junior colleges here in Texas but when we get all their transcripts, we have found that they both have prior Bachelor's degrees earned before they started taking classes at the junior college.  So for us that puts them in a totally different category.

I don't know if there is an official requirement that institutions must obtain all transcripts but it is a requirement at our University.

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HPU's provost has asked if it necessary to obtain official transcripts from all schools a student has previously attended.  It has always been our policy to obtain all transcripts even if the transcript has no transferable credit.  It would be helpful to know the policies of other institutions.

Does your institution require official transcripts from all school a student has previously attended?

If your institution does not require all official transcripts, what is the rationale behind the policy

Is there an official requirement that institutions must obtain all transcripts?

Thank you in advance for your responses which can be sent direct to me at lwagner at hputx.edu<mailto:lwagner at hputx.edu>

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