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Thu Jun 18 11:43:50 CDT 2015



I am the "new kid on the block" where PS is concerned and REALLY need your
help.  My work in the retention office requires me to print class schedules
for each of the students with whom I am working and tape the copy to their
individual file.  With our present system, all I have to do is enter the
student ID and the schedule 'pops up' immediately! (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW)
Depending on the "length" of the schedule, I am able to print out four or
five schedules in ONE PAGE (I always about conserving paper! :)).  


With People Soft, I have to enter info for one student at a time and the
schedule prints out in a whole sheet of paper---or even TWO!  This is
because I must have the course meeting times and the name of the instructor.


My question is for you "old timers."  Have you found a "QUICK way" to print
a complete schedule-AND, for it to be 'condensed"??? If so, will you please
send ME the info---please do NOT REPLY to this message or everyone on the
TACRAO list-serv will be  bombarded with one more email they do not need! 


My email address is:  gomez_v at utpb.edu <mailto:gomez_v at utpb.edu> 



Vickie  Gomez

Retention Officer - UTPB



gomez_v at utpb.edu



Student Identifier? xxxxxxxx

NAME xxxxxx

ID # & name                                       Date: 18-Jun-15

Class: SOPHOMORE             Major: Computer Science        Residency: 1

Financial Aid:               Advisor: Lee, I.                



C PROGRAMMING      5T MTWR    05:00PM Lee, H.        ST1104  4.00   $2.00

                               Credit hours (2014-2015 3S):  4.00 



Student Identifier?  xxxx


ID #                                  Date: 18-Jun-15

Class: SOPHOMORE             Major: NON-DECLARED            Residency: 1

Financial Aid:               Advisor: ADVISING CENTER        



PRODUCTION OPERATI 7T MTWR    08:00PM Taylor, L.     MB2247  3.00


MNGT CONCEPTS & OR 2M                 Barron, K.     ONLINE  3.00


MANAGERIAL ECONOMI 3M                 Franks, H.     ONLINE  3.00


PRIN OF MARKETING  3S                 Kalliny, M     ONLINE  3.00

                               Credit hours (2014-2015 3S): 12.00



Student Identifier? xxxxxx


ID # & Name                                  Date: 18-Jun-15

Class: SOPHOMORE             Major: Social Work             Residency: 2

Financial Aid:               Advisor: ADVISING CENTER        



COMPOSITION I      5T                 Kolb, K.       ONLINE  3.00


INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY 3S                 Dennis, J.     ONLINE  3.00

                               Credit hours (2014-2015 3S):  6.00

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