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Teresa -
Thanks for sharing this sad news.
I had not seen Robert since he retired from the Clearinghouse, but consider him a friend and colleague, and a consummate professional, always willing to share his wealth of knowledge.
I fondly remember our many chats, typically while sharing a meal at a TACRAO, SACRAO or AACRAO meeting.
The first time I met Robert is when he was Assistant Registrar and Eunice Evans was Registrar and Sam Bass was Director of Admissions. Wow, what a legendary group. Eventually, Joey Chandler joined SHSU and added to the legend. (Prior to joining Sam Houston State, Joey was involved in the famous hot tub stuffing affair at the 1977 TACRAO).
Robert received TACRAO Honorary Membership in 2003.
My thoughts and prayers go to his family and SHSU community.

John Hall, University Registrar, SMU

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It is with great sadness I share with you the obituary for Mr. Robert Dunning who served Sam Houston State University as Registrar until 2003.  Mr. Dunning was a wonderful mentor, Registrar, and friend.  He was passionately dedicated to Sam Houston and served the TACRAO community throughout his time as Registrar.


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Sam Houston is a great name in Texas Education

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