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Cié -

At SMU we stopped putting the high school on the SMU permanent record in the late 70's --- and, yes, I was here.

At one time we also recorded the SAT scores, high school rank and high school units on the PRC.

And before that, they (I was not here) recorded the home address, parent names, religion, place of birth and more.

I'm sorry I don't recall all the why's and why not's of this.

Three reasons come to mind. The first is that this paralleled what high schools did. The second is that at the time the profession felt it was important to document the basis for admission on the institution's academic record.

The third reason is that this was way before the era of comprehensive integrated student systems, and that having more information on the record card was a systematic way of keeping and retrieving the information.

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John Hall, University Registrar, SMU
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1.       Does your institution list the student's high school on your official university transcript.

2.      Is so, why?

Please respond directly to me Ginnifer.Gee at utsa.edu<mailto:Ginnifer.Gee at utsa.edu>


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