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When I was the TSI Coordinator, we would keep TSI based on test scores and any exemptions, but if being met was based on course work forgiven, the student would lose the TSI for that component. However, now that I am somewhat more familiar with state reporting; I am thinking if a student as a TSI status reported to THECB, the student would need to maintain that status.

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Good afternoon,
I have a quick question concerning Academic Fresh Start and TSI Status.  If you had a student requesting a Fresh Start, whose TSI status was based on completion of a college-level course in one area and completing the required remediation in the others, all of which would be included in the fresh start, would you:

A.      Allow the student to maintain their current TSI status or

B.      Require them to take the TSI test and complete any required remediation?

C.      Something else

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