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Mon Aug 10 15:31:48 CDT 2015

Greeting TACRAO!

Just a friendly reminder that registration and hotel booking is now open for the 94th Annual TACRAO Conference!

To register, please visit conference.tacrao.org<http://conference.tacrao.org/>. Early bird registration is open until October 9th.  Please visit the TACRAO website <http://www.tacrao.org/news/2015-annual-conference>  for more details on events and hotel accommodations.

Don't delay register early.

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Ms. Afrah F. Hassan
Publicity Chair, Houston 2015

Thank You
Ms. Afrah F. Hassan, M.Ed
Enrollment Service Officer
Houston Community College
afrah.hassan1 at hccs.edu<https://webmail.hccs.edu/owa/redir.aspx?C=aa6401c3bfd6483897cd7644001ac76d&URL=https%3a%2f%2fwebmail.hccs.edu%2fowa%2fredir.aspx%3fC%3d0e8a60b53d9a404d81e92fa4c93a7122%26URL%3dmailto%253aafrah.hassan1%2540hccs.edu> (Preferred method of contact)

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