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See answers below.  Thanks!

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For two-year institutions, would you please answer these questions?  You can email me directly at kdoughty at odessa.edu<mailto:kdoughty at odessa.edu>, if you wish.

1.       What documents do you require for in-district residency?

*         Driver's license or Texas ID card showing an address within the district.

*         Rental or lease agreement showing an address within the district.

*         Deed to real property located within the district.

*         Utility bills from an address within the district.

*         A current voter registration card.

*         A current credit report that documents the place of residence of the person or dependent student's parents or legal guardians.

2.       Do you allow the use of in-state residency documents to also count for in-district?

*         Yes

3.       Do you require 6-months for in-district or a different length of time?

*         No

We're doing a review of our requirements, so all responses are appreciated!

Thank you,

Karen M. Doughty, M.Ed.
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