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Tue Apr 28 14:25:49 CDT 2015

Good Afternoon All,

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on your international admissions processes, particularly if you are a multi-campus institution.  We are looking at possibly restructuring how we have our International Admissions Office organized and we are looking for feedback on what others are doing in this area.

1.       Where are your International Admissions application processors/staff housed?  Are they housed in the main Admissions Office or are they housed in a separate office?

2.       How do you like your current setup?  Would you do something differently if you could?  If so, what would that be?

3.       Any best practice recommendations?

I thank you in advance for any feedback and ideas you can share.


Dr. Nichole Mancone
District Director | Admissions and Records
Tarrant County College District | Office: TREF 3304C
300 Trinity Campus Circle | Fort Worth, TX 76102
817-515-1581 | Fax 817-515-0624
nichole.mancone at tccd.edu<mailto:nichole.mancone at tccd.edu>| www.tccd.edu<http://www.tccd.edu/>

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