[TACRAO] Listserv Release of the TACRAO 2015-2016 College Day/Night Schedule - DATES

Hattie Powell Hattie.Powell at tamuc.edu
Thu Apr 16 14:48:52 CDT 2015

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone reported that the Houston dates for 2015-2016 are not showing on the detail event calendar?  Also, is there any way to fix the CSV export so that it does not pull dates as far back as 2013?


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Dear Colleagues,

The High School Relations Committee (HSRC) is pleased to announce the release of the dates for the 2015-2016 TACRAO College Day/Night Schedule.  TACRAO Secretary, Maria Aguirre-Acuna has posted the schedule on the TACRAO website.  Here is the direct link:


A special thanks goes out to the High School Relations Committee for working so diligently on this schedule during the 2014 TACRAO Conference in Waco.  In the next few months, the TACRAO HSRC will be planning out their respective weeks.

Thank you,


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