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McDonald, Hannah K h.mcdonald at tamuct.edu
Tue Apr 14 13:35:52 CDT 2015

Our student handbook states that students may not drop a course while they are under investigation for academic dishonesty.  I have a few questions for how other institutions are handling this in the Registrar's Office.

Do you put a hold on their account to prevent them from adding and dropping courses while they are under investigation? If so, do you only restrict them from dropping the course under investigation?
Are any comments added to your transcript for the semester?
Do you have a grade code for students who were found guilty?

Your insight is greatly appreciated.

Hannah McDonald
Associate Registrar
Texas A&M University-Central Texas
1001 Leadership Place|Killeen, Tx 76549
Founder's Hall Rm 108 |254.519.5454

h.mcdonald at tamuct.edu

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