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Griffith, Becki bgriffit at lee.edu
Thu Sep 25 11:51:01 CDT 2014

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...of Texas, that is.  Specifically, in Waco!

Registration continues for TACRAO's 93rd annual meeting, Oct. 27-30.


*        Want to know more about what kind of professional development you can expect?  See the "NEW" link at www.tacrao.org/events<http://www.tacrao.org/events> with a pdf of the session titles for this conference.  Why do a couple of the time periods only have two choices?  Because this year we are introducing a plenary session time slot on each of the main days (Tuesday and Wednesday) with topics of widespread interest (FERPA, anyone?)

*        Want to be close to the action?  Hotel rooms near the convention center are now quite limited.  We added a new hotel - Residence Inn.  After that one fills we will publish a list of recommendations but the other places won't be as close by. Go to www.tacrao.org/events<http://www.tacrao.org/events> for the links

Becki Griffith
Registrar and Director of Admissions
Lee College
PO Box 818, Baytown, TX  77522
281.425.6399 (voice)  281.425.6831 (fax)
TACRAO Annual Conference
Oct. 27-30, 2014 ~ Waco

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