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Stoker, Dr. Susan STOKER at tarleton.edu
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Another question from me!

Graduation GPA

1.        Do you have a minimum GPA requirement to award a degree at your school?

a.       If so- what is it?

                                                               i.      Overall Institution 2.0

                                                             ii.      Overall (including transfer work) 2.0

                                                           iii.      Major GPA

                                                           iv.      Only the 120 (or so) hours used in the degree that's being awarded?

2.       If you have a "Major GPA" requirement...what constitutes the classes that are in the "Major" GPA?

a.       Is it the same for all majors, or do the different majors have different #'s of hours and they get to pick which classes it involves?

Thanks all!


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