[TACRAO] Listserv reporting no-shows for PeopleSoft users

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Jeff, we do two things:

1.       We still publish and disseminate an official class roll (not a delivered PS report, an SQR) that is a snapshot of enrollment at census; instructors are expected to return their rolls with information so we can drop students who have not attended or stopped attending and are beyond catching up; those students are dropped by us as of census day (no grade assigned). (Instructors are urged to continue notifying us of drops that need to happen for nonattendance, during the period after census and end of term - those students get W grades assigned).  This roll also gives the instructors an opportunity to tell us about students who are attending who are NOT registered for the section (might be registered for a different section or might have been dropped due to a financial issue, but are still in attendance; gives us a chance to determine what needs to happen for the student).

2.       Like SMU and UTA, we also did a mod on grade roster requiring last date of attendance for F grades.

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Colleagues, I need to pose a question to those of you who use Campus Solutions, from PeopleSoft.

How do your faculty report no-shows, or those students who do not attend in the first few days of class through the census day?  As we prepare for UTRGV to implement Campus Solutions, we need to develop a strategy for this important semesterly project.

Thank you for your help.


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