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Happy Friday!!!

Thank you all for your feedback! Thanks to your comments and some willing colleagues :), we'll be holding a roundtable discussion on Student Identity Verification as part of the concurrent sessions.

Don't forget to reserve your hotel rooms and register before the fee goes up after October 3rd!  tacrao.org/events

Have a fantastic weekend!

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I think this would be an excellent topic for a TACRAO Session.  At WTAMU, we really aren't doing a great deal to verify identity with the exception of our Gold Card (Student ID card) Office where they require a photo ID of some sort to issue the student ID.    If the student doesn't ever pick up the student ID then there really isn't a verification of their identity...

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I did not receive any comments on the subject listed below from any listserv participant.  As a listserv viewer, I believe the questions fall into one of three categories:  #1 Why did you ask that question, it doesn't deserve a response (I never feel this way);  #2  Good question and quick to respond (I sometimes feel this way);  OR  #3  I have no idea how to answer this and it will take too long to find an answer (many times I have felt this way), therefore no response.

Based on these three categories, I am assuming the following request is closer to #3, rather than #1, but hopeful that someone will find it to be a good question with a quick response (#2).

If it is leaning more towards the 3rd category type (too difficult, no response), I hope we can get this on a TACRAO Conference Session Agenda so that we can share best practices of how a campus verifies the identity of the students who enroll, the procedures to systematically check this and the challenges of doing so for Online Students.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

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Fellow TACRAOns,

I need your assistance regarding a relatively heavy topic (for a Friday) related to Student Identity Verification. I need to know which institutions (any institution - community college, 4-year, health science center...) have a procedure in place to verify the identity of the students who are enrolling.  In this day and age of identity theft, it has recently come to light (at another institution) that a student could use a completely different identity and SSN to enroll and apply for Financial Aid... and definitely abuse the system and someone else's credit history.

Although we cannot protect ourselves from every scenario (humans are a creative lot),  I need to know the steps that institutions go through to verify the identity of the students who have applied, been admitted and enrolled and at what stage this verification of identity occurs.

1.       At what point is the identity checked (i.e. before they enroll, at the time they receive financial aid, both...)?

2.       What form of ID is considered appropriate to satisfy the requirement (i.e. copy of original SSN card, driver's license, passport photo...)?

3.       How do you handle this process with online students?

I look forward to hearing from you.  Please respond directly to my e-mail address with your responses if you do not want to send it out over the Listserv.

Scott Smiley
Director of Admission
University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB)
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