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Karen Clark kclark at mclennan.edu
Fri Oct 24 17:13:01 CDT 2014

I have a quick question.  If you have transfer students who go back to their original schools and then return to your school, do you require them to submit updated official transcripts each time they return?  This may apply more to community colleges.  We see it often with summer and minimester students who are here one summer and return the next summer.  We currently require a current official transcript each time they return to McLennan, but are considering only requiring one official transcript for initial enrollment, unless they needed it for TSI, pre-requisites, degree requirements, etc.  The majority of our students are coming to us from a private institution in our city (sic 'em :)).  Eliminating this requirement would make things easier for both students and our staff.  I just want to be sure I'm not missing a reason why we would need it.

-          Does it make a difference if they are coming from private/out of State vs. public in State?

-          Does it make a difference if they are seeking a degree from our institution?

Looking forward to seeing you all here in Waco next week!  Safe travels everyone.

Karen Clark
Director, Admissions & Recruitment
McLennan Community College
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