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Good Morning All!
Question regarding your institution's calendar.

Our Board approves an Academic Calendar which includes return dates for all employees, 1st class day, census date, "W" date, last class day, holidays, final exam week, grades due, last day of term, etc.

Do you have separate calendars for faculty, non-faculty staff and one just for  academic issues (1st class day, end of term, grades, etc)?  Just one Academic Calendar.   In the Schedule of Classes for each term we put key dates, like grades due, final exam schedule, etc. that are not in the Academic Calendar.
Or do you incorporate all in one approved calendar?

How soon into the New Year, after Christmas Break, does your staff return to work in January?  Usually January 2 but varies based on the day of the week Christmas and New Year's Day fall.
Does faculty come back at the same time as non-faculty staff or do they come back later (like right before classes begin)?  Faculty come back one week before classes begin for In-Service.

Any response to these is truly appreciated.

Diana Rubio
College Registrar
Laredo Community College
Office of the Registrar, Lerma-Pena 160
West End Washington St  Laredo, Texas 78040
956.721-5861  Fax: 956.764-5974

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