[TACRAO] Listserv Question on NSLDS report

Lorena Rios lorenar at laredo.edu
Thu Oct 9 12:43:07 CDT 2014

Hi everyone,
We are having some issues with the NSLDS report and I would like some feedback from you.

Which office in your institution is in charge of preparing and submitting the NSLDS report?

Which office in your institution is responsible of cleaning the NSLDS error report (enrollment roster error)?

Are you part of the clearinghouse?

Are you a banner school?

Your information is greatly appreciated.

Lorena Rios
Assistant Registrar - Office of the Registrar
Laredo Community College
Lerma Peña Building, Room 160
West End Washington Street  · Laredo, Texas 78040
Phone: 956.794.4505  ·  Fax: 956.764.5974
lorenar at laredo.edu<mailto:lorenar at laredo.edu>

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