[TACRAO] Listserv Transcript Fees Survey 2014

Fry, Dr Bobbye G. fry at uiwtx.edu
Mon Mar 17 13:27:59 CDT 2014

For Incarnate Word:


Charge for Transcripts

Student Fee

Per Request


University of the Incarnate Word


Yes (One-time fee; $40)

Yes over 10 at one time; No otherwise

Implementing Script-Safe now

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Hello TACRAO....Seems like we have to do this annually.  Please join in.

Attached is a spreadsheet that was initially compiled by Sherry Wells in August 2010.  Please look to see if your institution is included and that the information remains accurate. I have noted in column E those institutions that were updated in February 2013.  If your institution is not included, then provide me with answers to the questions below.  We will update the spreadsheet and send it back out to the association.

Questions are

1.       Do you charge per transcript? If yes, how much?

2.       Do you charge a student fee, service fee, print fee or some other fee in lieu of a transcript fee?  If yes, how much and is the fee assessed semesterly or annually?

3.       Please note special situations. (Example first 2 free and charge from subsequent requests)

New for this year.

1.       Do you use an external service to process your transcripts?

2.       If yes, do you still offer a walk-up service

Thanks for your feedback!

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