[TACRAO] Listserv Transcript Fees Survey 2014

Brown, Michael mbrown at utdallas.edu
Thu Mar 13 15:55:25 CDT 2014

Answers for UT Dallas below.

Mike Brown
Assistant Registrar
The University of Texas at Dallas
mbrown at utdallas.edu<mailto:mbrown at utdallas.edu>

1.      Do you charge per transcript? Yes If yes, how much? $10 per transcript

2.      Do you charge a student fee, service fee, print fee or some other fee in lieu of a transcript fee? No If yes, how much and is the fee assessed semesterly or annually? N/A

3.      Please note special situations. (Example first 2 free and charge from subsequent requests) N/A

New for this year.

1.      Do you use an external service to process your transcripts? Parchment accepts our orders and collects the fee, we still print and mail in house.

2.      If yes, do you still offer a walk-up service.  We offer a walk-up service with an additional $10 per emergency transcript fee

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