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I just had a long phone conversation with Kristi, and she is up to date on DCCCD's experience with I. Jean Cooper.  All this to say, I feel I should state that the Dallas County Community College District, comprised of seven separately accredited colleges, are open admissions institutions.  High school graduation is not required for admission.  Students are referred to TSI testing and appropriately placed.
HOWEVER, in order to receive Financial Aid students must earn a GED or graduate from an accredited high school or an approved private, charter or home school.  In this case students presenting a transcript that indicates graduation from I. Jean Cooper private/home school would not be eligible for financial aid from the DCCCD.
Stepping off the soap box now...


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Hello All,

I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with transcripts from I. Jean Copper private school out of Dallas.  From the information I find on the web they are not reputable but I am being told that some public colleges in the Dallas area are accepting the transcripts.

Has anyone had this one come through?

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