[TACRAO] Listserv Question for Community Colleges

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We have a centralized process at San Jac.  We did this about 7 years ago and it works great.  We have a back-office Enrollment Management Center and in this Center we  process all online applications, process all mailed-in high school and college transcripts, perform course-by-course evaluations of college transcripts, review all transcripts for TSI purposes, and process all faxed/mailed Meningitis documentation.

We have 3 campuses and @ 30,000 students.

We think it was the right choice for us.  Let me know if you want any additional information.


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Wanda Simpson Munson
San Jacinto College
Dean of Enrollment Management & College Registrar
13735 Beamer Road | Houston, TX 77089
Direct: (281) 669-4711| Fax: (281) 669-4720
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Sorry community colleges I've had lots of questions for you all recently!  How many of you have a centralized transcript evaluation process vs. a decentralized one (done at individual campuses/locations)?  Thanks!

Connie Garrick
System Director of Student Records/Registrar
Lone Star College System - University Park
20515 SH 249  UP1104
Houston, TX 77070

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