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We value quarter hours at 2/3 a standard semester hour, using the calculation Patricia Leyendecker notes below. We also round down. Our explanation is that rounding up would give the student credit for work that does not exist.

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Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving break.

I could use a little more clarification on the conversion from quarter hours to semester.  We convert semester hours to quarter hours by multiplying QH by .67 resulting in a number with a decimal point ( 3 QH X .67 = 2.01 SCH, which to us makes 2 SCH).  More often however; we are converting 4 QH to SCH which results in 4 QH X .67 = 2.68 SCH.  We have always rounded down to the nearest whole number; therefore, this would be 2 SCH.

We have a program coordinator who wants to know why we don't round up if the calculation results in a number where the decimal point is .50 or higher.

Would some of you share how you handle this next step in the Quarter hour to Semester hour conversion?  As far as I know we have never rounded up.


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Hi Everyone,

How does your institution equate  quarter system courses?  Do you round up or down?  Do you give partial credit?  And if so, how does a student satisfy the possible shortage of hours?


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