[TACRAO] Listserv How to find the rule changes (addition to previous e-mail)

Jayson Naiser jayson.naiser at blinn.edu
Fri Nov 15 16:27:06 CST 2013

If you do sign up to receive the information about the rules changes it can be difficult to navigate to find the information at first.

The email that the THECB sends out will direct  you to the Texas Secretary of State's website that is linked via the word "website" in the first section of the e-mail.

>From there it will take you to the Secretary of State's website.

The rule changes are noted in the Texas Register that is published weekly.  You can always find the current issue and previous issues in the box that is located at the right side of the screen.  I strongly suggest that you use the HTML version as you can click through and not have to scroll through the PDF's.

The e-mail that they sent will tell you in the first section what date of the Texas Register you will want to reference.

You will just need to scroll down to or search for "Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board" to view the information.

Jayson Naiser
Chair, Legislative Issues

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