[TACRAO] Listserv TACRAO 2013 is just days away!

Reyna, Oscar Oscar.Reyna at tamucc.edu
Thu Nov 7 16:00:10 CST 2013


Hello fellow, TACRAOans!
We are excited to announce that there are officially 577 attendees registered for the 92nd Annual Conference!  This is going to be a fantastic conference, and you don’t want to miss a moment of it!

A few reminders for the conference:
Please don’t forget to download the mobile app! Julian Olivas, Texas Tech University, has done a fantastic job with our mobile conference guide, and you can check for updates on sessions and make sure you aren’t missing a moment of the activities at the 92nd Annual Conference!

To get the guide, choose one of the methods below:
•   Download 'Guidebook' from the Apple App Store or the Android Marketplace.
•   Visit http://guidebook.com/getit from your phone's browser.
•   Scan the following image with your mobile phone (QR-Code reader required, e.g. 'Red Laser', 'Barcode Scanner').

The guide will be listed under the "Download Guides" section of the application.

Session and conference evaluations can also be found on the App!

Please take a moment to review this year’s Standing Committee Reports and Financial Reports for our organization at:  http://tacrao.org/governance.  All reports are posted on our TACRAO website.
Once again, as we head into the 92nd Annual Conference, I am reminded that we remain a truly vibrant organization because of our members’ willingness to partner as we all work together for the future of our organization!  Together, we are LEADING TEXANS TO SUCCESS.

I look forward to seeing each of you in El Paso!!

Oscar Reyna
TACRAO President
Executive Director of Recruitment & Admissions
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5774
Office of Recruitment & Admissions
Corpus Christi, Texas  78412-5774
O. 361-825-5934 F. 361-825-5887


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