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TACRAO Members,

I have received numerous phone calls and emails the past several days regarding the College Day/Night Schedule.  At this time, the High School Relations Committee has entered the data into the new system; however, we are still waiting on the vendor to pull the database into a live model.   As soon as it is ready, we will send a blast out to the TACRAO listserv.  All TACRAO member institutions (the 171 on the official list) and the members that are currently on the membership roster will receive access to the program.  Institutions that are subscribing institutions (those who paid the $250 for a subscription) will have one user and that will be the contact person requested on the subscription form.

Also, I have committed to provide the association with quick service while doing my day job and believe that I have provided timely service to you over the past year.  However, the last few days while I was out of town several members and subscribing institutions have contacted my office and have ripped my administrative assistant.  I will not tolerate this type of abuse to one of my employees who has no affiliation with TACRAO.  Anyone who calls my office again with this type of unprofessional attitudes will be receiving a call from me and a call to your immediate supervisor.  We are all working to provide a service to the profession in a timely and accurate manner and unprofessionalism will not be tolerated.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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