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Same for UTPA.

Jeff Rhodes, Ed.D.
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The University of Texas-Pan American

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We list university honors as directory information.  So the listings you describe work for us as long as we make certain to eliminate any students who have requested total privacy.

Patrick Miller
Registrar and Director of Enrollment Management

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Hello all,

I have received a request to provide those students that are on the dean’s list; so they can submit those names to the student’s hometown newspaper.

I know FERPA states that we can provide information for educational purposes. I am not seeing the educational purpose on this one. Please help. Do colleges submit such information? I have seen it at the high school level.

The information they are asking for: the highlighted information is part of our directory information.

Student Name, city, state, zip code, parents’ names, high school attended, their major, class year, their email address.


Kimberly Sanders, MS.F
Registrar/Dean of Academic Records
University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX

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