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Galveston College offers a mini term during the winter.  Typically, the term is 4 weeks in length and is counted with the student's spring semester credit hours.  We strongly encourage students not to take more than one mini term course (typically 3 semester credit hours); however, our system is not currently set up to stop the student from registering from more than one.  We rarely run into any student who wants to take more than one course during the mini term.

One issue to note - since our mini term courses count against a student's spring semester credit hours, we often run into the issue of students being faced with an overload of credit hours for spring (which means the student has to petition our Vice President of Instruction for an overload approval).
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I am in search of some general information from everyone.  How many institutions offer a winter/fall mini session?  If you do how long is your session and how many hours is a student allowed to take during the session.

Any information that you can provide would be great.  You can email me directly at brandi.havens at clarendoncollege.edu<mailto:brandi.havens at clarendoncollege.edu> if you would prefer.

Thank you in advance.

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