[TACRAO] Listserv Question re: admissions/records files

Enga Almeida ealmeida at swau.edu
Wed Dec 4 11:03:23 CST 2013

Good Morning!

I have a few questions regarding best practices when working with transfer applications and the evaluation of their credits from other schools.  We are evaluating our current processes and would greatly appreciate your input.

1)      When official transcripts are received and the student is admitted what is your process for evaluation of the transcript(s) ?

2)      Are the credits that are transferable stored on the students record on the registrar module?

3)      Do you supply the student with a Report of Academic Progress/degree audit/some kind of official communication about what transfers in?

4)      If the student does not end up enrolling what if anything does Records do with that record?

5)      At what point in time does the permanent student file transfer from admissions to records?

a.      At census date                   b.  When the student deposits or pre-registers

I know these are very basic questions on process but thank you very much for giving me input!

Enga Almeida
Vice President for Enrollment Services

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