[Sara-Reports] SARA-KP Nightly Observing Report

Dr. Peter Mack pmack at astronomical.com
Sat May 25 10:31:24 CDT 2019

I found the telescope displaying west horizon limit and 6h15m in the west this morning.

I tried to bring the telescope back to the zenith but it would not move (despite my under-the-hood commands).  The DIO-96 was behaving erratically flashing warning signs.  I rebooted the computer.

The display then read 1h26m in the west, and problem went away.  Something is interfering with the

DIO-96 and I don’t know what it is.

*	Peter.

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SARA-KP Nightly Observing Report


Veronique Petit


University of Delaware


vpetit at udel.edu <mailto:vpetit at udel.edu>

Other Observers:

Date (mm/dd/yy):


Instrument Used:

ARC CCD, Spectrograph

Hours Observed:


Hours Lost:



Equipment Failure (tracking/CCD)

Observing Program:

Blazar monitoring and spectroscopy of magnetic massive stars

Nominal track rate, filter(s), ambient temp and focus:

Problems encountered, if any:

* We were connected to both computers through VPN on a mac. We lost the VPN connection to the telescope computer, and could not reconnect. The camera computer was still working fine, and Radmin on a PC was still working for the telescope computer.

* We were trying to do 30 minutes exposure with the spectrograph.The auto-guiding with the ASCOM camera was working very well, until the RA tracking (and the autoguiding) would just shut itself off. This happened on the 4 exposures we attempted, but not only when low in the south west -- for the last exposure, the telescope was pointing at HA = -2h, alt=70°.

Suggestions for improvements:

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