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Alright, you win. All I got was clouds. 😊


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SARA-CT Nightly Observing Report
Name:   Martha A Leake
Affilliation:   Valdosta State University
Email:  mleake at valdosta.edu
Other Observers:        None (but Peter and Brian on site for a short while)
Date:   06/08/2018
Instrument Used:        ARC CCD
Hours Observed:         0.5
Hours Lost:     8
Reason(s):      Clouds, Snow
Observing Program:      Asteroid photometry
Nominal track rate, filter(s), ambient temp and focus:  RA 15.0300, Dec Off. 14.1 - 13.9 C
Problems encountered, if any:   Peter wrote (Notepad) to say a major snow storm is moving into the area, with 25 cm snow expected Saturday and Sunday. Personnel, including Peter Mack and Brian, are leaving the mountain. There is a message on the telescope computer to be sure to have the dome checked out before opening next week. All systems started up nicely tonight (but no observatory computer), and I knew that the second half would be cloudy, given the weather reports. But, cirrus clouds are moving in and any back up help from Peter and Brian will be unavailable soon, so I closed early. The CTIO Environment page was hard to access this afternoon (but easy earlier today), but accessible on Windows Explorer on the Telescope computer. By about 6:30 EDT, the CTIO environment page was again accessible from here at VSU. My students in my summer class will be thrilled to hear about snow at CTIO. I'm transferring some data now, and will disconnect VPN soon.
Suggestions for improvements:

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