[Sara-Reports] SARA-CT Nightly Observing Report

Kaitchuck, Ronald rkaitchu at bsu.edu
Tue Dec 19 15:41:31 CST 2017

Given that the SARA web page is still down, consider this a report for last night (12/18/2017) on SARA-CT.

The entire night was lost because:

1.       The telescope pointing is still terrible. The system clock was good to a second or two, but there was still issues.

2.       There were no working sky cams other than the Blanco web cam

3.       The SARA weather computer is down (cycling its power didn’t help). Also all the CTIO web pages were frozen to 4 days earlier. So I couldn’t really see the sky or check wind speed or humidity.

After a couple of hours of this, out of a sense of frustration and concern for telescope safety I closed up.

At one time SARA-CT had 3 local web cams (2 in dome, one outside), an all-sky camera and a working weather station. None now work. We need these to be repaired.

Ron Kaitchuck

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SARA-CT Nightly Observing Report


Ken Rumstay




krumstay at valdosta.edu<mailto:krumstay at valdosta.edu>

Other Observers:




Instrument Used:


Hours Observed:


Hours Lost:



Observing Program:

AGN monitoring program

Nominal track rate, filter(s), ambient temp and focus:

Bessell B,V,R,I filters and H alph (6563/75 Angstroms)
Ambient temperature = 11 Celsius
Optimum focus = 131500

Problems encountered, if any:

Bright moon; poor seeing.

Suggestions for improvements:

The telescope tracking and pointing were very good!

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