[Sara-Reports] SARA KPNO Camera Status;

Dr. Peter Mack pmack at astronomical.com
Wed Aug 30 14:25:23 CDT 2017



I tried to pump the camera down today but discovered that the vacuum pump
(which we borrow from the Schmidt) is broken.


The pump has to have the correct fittings to match the camera.


It started out at 300 Torr and ended up at 760 Torr.  The ARC camera is OK.
I never even opened the valve.


The Schmidt has a spare pump but I see that they have it stripped down. 

I have a pump on Mt. Lemmon but we cannot get it to KP before Friday as we
are scheduled to use it on Mt. Lemmon tomorrow to start up the KASI ACE
1.0-m Telescope.


I have turned the cooler on to see if the camera will cool, but it is more
than likely that it has a very soft vacuum.


You need your own pump.


There are two options.  I estimate an economy option for around $4k +/- 1k
and a turbo pump for >10k.

I suspect you will want the economy version.  It gives a vacuum that last
about 3 to 5 months.

That's what we have at Mt. Lemmon.  The Schmidt has the turbo pump.


I can have ACE Purchasing give you a quote for an economy pump with gage and



*	Peter. 



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