[Sara-Reports] Printable imaging logsheets and Cen A SN images

Kurtis Williams Kurtis.Williams at tamuc.edu
Tue Feb 23 14:28:57 CST 2016

Good afternoon, everybody,

Last night while observing I adapted an imaging observing log sheet from WIYN for my use on SARA; if you still write logs out by hand, you’re welcome to use it.  Matt Wood has posted it on the SARA website, and I attach a copy here for your convenience.

Also, I placed my SARA-CT images of the Cen A supernova in their own directory on the SARA-CT data disk (I think it is CenA_SN, but I meant it to be obvious).  If you have a use for them, feel free to use them.  And feel free to copy your own data there if you desire to share.  I have BVRI imaging, darks and bias imaging, but no flat fields (I was working in different bandpasses and needed an infinite number of flats).


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