[Sara-Reports] SARA-RM Nightly Observing Report

Dr. Peter Mack pmack at astronomical.com
Wed Apr 27 10:11:00 CDT 2016

The dome is connected to a cloud sensor that monitors clouds, wind speed, and relative humidity.

If any of these are triggered the dome will close.  If you can tell us the time we can look at the log and see what the condition was.


-          Peter.


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SARA-RM Nightly Observing Report


Stefan Geier




stefan.geier at gtc.iac.es <mailto:stefan.geier at gtc.iac.es> 

Other Observers: 


Date (mm/dd/yy): 


Instrument Used: 

Andor CCD

Hours Observed: 


Hours Lost: 



Equipment Failure (tracking/CCD)

Observing Program: 

Observed 3 asteroids in the R-band for several hours each.

Nominal track rate, filter(s), ambient temp and focus: 

Focus sequence yielded value around 98800.

Problems encountered, if any: 

Had to restart the telescope windows (ACE connector client) twice.
A strange problem occurred in the morning hours: The dome suddenly closed itself, I noticed that after I was wondering why there was suddenly only bias level and no stars anymore.

Suggestions for improvements: 


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