[Sara-Reports] SARA-KP Autoguider and Dome cameras

Henson, Gary D. HENSONG at mail.etsu.edu
Sat Nov 28 18:41:01 CST 2015

Observers Please Note:

Autoguider camera (the QSI) still tends to lose communication with Maxim.  Just “Disconnect” the cameras under the “Setup” tab and then “Connect” back and it should be fine.   There are 2 cameras connected to Maxim, the guider QSI and the spectrograph camera FLI.  Please do make sure the coolers are turned back on once you reconnect the cameras to Maxim.

Dome video cameras (and the fiber plate video)  are accessed at
Login:  SARA     with no password.

You can access the video from any of the observatory computers or you can go to the web address directly but if you access the IP address directly, the Q-See software running the DVR will need to install a webclient for your local browser.

Gary Henson
Department of Physics & Astronomy

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