[Sara-Reports] SARA-KP Nightly Observing Report

Dr. Peter Mack pmack at astronomical.com
Fri Mar 27 10:20:57 CDT 2015

The coordinate locking problem is caused by the removal of the preload motors for repair.

They were in the system providing a small amount of preload but were not “active”.

I don’t think restarting ACE will solve the problem.  Just press cancel and try GO again.


-          Peter.


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SARA-KP Nightly Observing Report


William Keel


University of Alabama


wkeel at ua.edu <mailto:wkeel at ua.edu> 

Other Observers: 


Date (mm/dd/yy): 


Instrument Used: 


Hours Observed: 


Hours Lost: 




Observing Program: 

Galaxies in [O III] and H-alpha.

Nominal track rate, filter(s), ambient temp and focus: 

15.044, BVR+narrowband, 163700

Problems encountered, if any: 

Had to restart ACE control 3x because of coordinate locking problem. Planned to use spectrograph for last hour, but the lock problem cropped up again and it didn't seem worth it to restart everything once I had the acquisition view set up.

Suggestions for improvements: 


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