[Sara-Reports] SARA-KP Nightly Observing Report

Dr. Peter Mack pmack at astronomical.com
Wed Jun 17 10:19:52 CDT 2015

Hi Jim,


We tried to get the old torque motors repaired (which we have done in the past for the Schmidt).

But I keep getting “no bid” or similar go-away answers from Kollmorgen at al.


So we are going to try a new motor from one of my main suppliers.

(I got “no bid” on new motor from Kollmorgen too).


Once the motor goes back in the problem should go away and it should fix other balance gremlins.


-          Peter.


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SARA-KP Nightly Observing Report


James Webb




webbj at fiu.edu <mailto:webbj at fiu.edu> 

Other Observers: 


Date (mm/dd/yy): 


Instrument Used: 


Hours Observed: 


Hours Lost: 




Observing Program: 

Microvariability of Blazars

Nominal track rate, filter(s), ambient temp and focus: 


Problems encountered, if any: 

1. When moving to a new field, it would oscillate between locking, and locked in both RA and Dec for several minutes before finally ending the manouver. I felt like it was not tracking during that time and the fields were a bit off center. Have never seen that before.

2. The autoguider camera was not seen by MAXIM. I was already exposing on a long sequence before I set up the aiutoguider, and the telescope was tracking so well, that I just didn't use it. Pretty sure the fix is to recycle the power to either the camera or the camera computer. The next observer should do this before the observing session.

Suggestions for improvements: 

Great night. 1.2 arc sec seeing! Nive night.

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